Water Cisterns

     In areas where municipal water is not available or where the groundwater is either sparce or unusable, water is often held in tanks called cisterns.  These may be made in various sizes with a variety of materials and located either above or below ground.  In Ontario, where temperatures during the winter remain below zero degrees centigrade ( 32 deg. F ) for extended periods, most cisterns are located below ground.

     Concrete cisterns manufactured by Winona are designed to provide for the safe storage of potable water below ground in a strong and durable containment vessel.  Access into our cisterns for either filling or cleaning is via a 20" I.D. square cast-in-place concrete riser.  Our standard 'Safe Water' configuration includes a stainless steel lockable and drip-proof riser cover.  This protects the contents from contaminants and allows for only authorized access. Optionally, should this configuration not be required, a concrete lid with 6" plastic fill pipe & cap may be used to cover the riser opening.

     Because cisterns may be empty at times, care should be taken when determining the depth to which they are buried.  As with most concrete tanks, cisterns may float when empty.  Floatation will occure if the exterior water is allowed to rise high enough to displace a volume ( weight ) of water greater than the weight of the tank, contents plus overburden.  In areas of high ground water, mounding above the surrounding grade may be necessary to allow for at least 12" of soil cover to be maintained over top of the tank.

      WCP can also supply low-water alarms, pumps, pipe and fittings to complete the entire water system.  Cisterns may be configured for use of either high performance submersibles or traditional in-the-house jet pumps.

Features and benefits of WCP Precast Concrete Cisterns include:

     * Strong, durable watertight precast concrete construction.  Below ground installation keeps water cooler in the summer and frost resistant during the winter months.

     * Oval design with minimum flat wall components yeilds high inherent strength.

     * 'Safe-Water' configuration includes Stainless Steel, Hinged, Lockable Drip-Proof access riser cover.

     * Brass pipe fittings cast into side wall and brass fittings installed on outside of wall for connection to flexible piping.  Brass foot valve with sch 40 PVC pipe & fittings installed inside tank. (note ... use of galvanized steel riser cover or galvanized fittings inside tank not recommended as they may leach toxic compounds into the water ).

     * Potable PVC gasketed fittings for water-filling are cast-in-place on top of tank surface ( patched-up connections through  holes or knockouts in the concrete are not recommended as they may not maintain a watertight seal, thus allowing pollutants into the cistern ).

     * Plastic coated safety steps installed for entry / exit.

   * 1-1/4" PVC conduit couplings cast into access riser to facillitate routing of pump or alarm wiring.  This eliminates the need for drilling holes into tank ( which could compromise watertightness ).

  * Fully automated computerized low water-to-cement mix designs produce high density, high strength concrete.

The buttons below link to various PDF's containing vast amounts of product information. Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free Download)

Model Capacity L x W x H / riser Connection
  1200  1,175 Imp Gal  114" x 71.5" x 65" / 85"  1" & 1.25" FPT
  1500 1,500 Imp Gal 128" x 80" x 66" / 85"  1.25" FPT
  1750  1,750 Imp Gal  128" x 80" x 74" / 93"  1.25" FPT
  2000  2,000 Imp Gal  166" x 99" x 56" / 74"  1.25" FPT
  2600 2,600 Imp Gal 166" x 99" x 70" / 88" 1.25" FPT
  32003,200 Imp Gal 166" x 99" x 82" / 100" 1.25" FPT
  42004,200 Imp Gal166"x 99"x 107.5"/125.5"1.25" FPT
  62006,200 Imp Gal213"x118"x 95"/113"1.25" FPT